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This site will detail the bui001-21st-may-2012lding of anĀ  “Expedition Truck” based (as of 2012) on a 22 year old (1990) Leyland DAF T244 4×4 Cargo Truck.

After being manufactured, the truck was registered as 23 KJ 61, and was immediately placed into reserve in Germany…..


037-21st-may-2012……and when purchased by me on 21st May 2012 it had only covered 42Km’s!


you never know with ex-service vehicles, but it does seem to be correct.


The image to the left is the latest version to date, as it is constantly evolving.

EDIT. It is now May 2018 and I have added a spare wheel and other modifications! Read the Posts on the right side of the site.

Image taken February 2018




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